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24 June 2021
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Administrative Functions


Authorise User

The Administrators of the system control what access individual user have to the system. The following "authorisation" levels are allowed:

  • None This is the level a user has after they have entered their details but before they have been given access to the system.
  • View Only Users with this authorisation can view shifts and the name of the person that has booked the shifts, but cannot book shifts or see what the rate of pay is for that shift. This authorisation level is useful for drivers or other personell who may need to see who is "on" at a particular time in order to provied support for those on call.
  • Nurse Nurses can book shifts on Nurse shift patterns and can see the fee rates on Nurse shifts only.
  • Nurse Practitioner can book nurse shifts as well as specially configured GP shifts (at a special rate).
  • Doctor Doctors can book shifts on "Doctor" rotas and see doctors fee rates - but cannot see who has booked other shifts (only that they have been booked) and cannot see fee rates for nurses.
  • Doctor Trainer can book shifts which up to two registrars can book into for training purposes.
  • Doctor (restricted) Restricted Doctors have the same access as normal doctors but have reduced rights to book shifts (this restriction is dependant on the rules created when the system is set up). Restricted doctors may be those doctors who normally work outside of the PCT's normally covered by the OOH service.
  • Doctor Semi-restricted can be used to provide a third tier of restrictions to bookings.
  • Doctor Registrar can book shifts only previously booked by a doctor trainer. Registrars do not get paid for the training shifts and have a special report to enable them to find training shifts on the system.
  • Director In addition to the Doctors authorisation level, Directors can see who has booked other shifts and can see fee rates for Nurses too. In addition, Directors can run reports showing "All Bookings", for all shifts, "Unbooked Shifts" and can also run the "Fee Projection" report.
  • Doctors Bulk Booking This authority allows for unlimited bookings in the open shifts - unconstrained by overlaps or limits on working hours. This is usefull in two cases. Firstly, when a site first goes live and not all doctors have yet registered. The administrators can then book shifts for the "taken" shifts. Secondly, there are situations where a practice can book shifts for their own doctors and assign the shifts at a later date.
  • Nurse Bulk Booking Like Doctors Bulk Booking, this is used by the administrators to bulk book nurses shifts.
  • Administrator This authority has full access to the system and can change page content, shift patterns and fee rates, as well as setting the authority level for other members. Administrators can also book shift on behalf of other members (and so take bookings over the phone where a doctor cannot get to a PC).
  • Administrative Assistant An administrative assistant is able to book shifts for other members and see who has booked shifts and what the rates are, but is not able to run the "Fees Projection" report or make changes to the shifts or shift patterns.
  • Call Handler - If enabled, call handlers can book call handler shifts on a call handler rota.
  • Driver - If enabled, drivers can book shifts on a drivers only rota.
  • Disabled A user can have their access to the system either permanently or temporarily disabled by setting this level of authority.

User Bookings

Administrators or Administrative Assistants can use this option to book shifts for other users. This may be because the other use cannot get to a PC or because shifts have to be changed by agreement with the doctors involved. A location and a member is selected from the list and the booking sheet is displayed. When the administrator books a shift in this mode, it is just like the selected member booking she shift and an email is generated to the member in the usual way. See example.

Edit Content

Most text within the system is fully dynamic and stored within the database. Edit Content allows this content to be changed by the administrator. Knowledge of HTML is not required but can be used to enhance the appearance.

Edit Email Templates 

All emails sent by the system (except for booking and cancellation confirmations and emails sent from the user email option) such as booking reminders, confirmation of registration, gmc renewal reminders etc., are based on administrator editable templates with variable subsitution. This allows for emails to be adapted to the organisations specific needs. As well as being able to manipulate the text, up to eight attachments may be automatically added to the email.

The template editor is the same editor as used for editing content. It is a WYSIWYG editor and allows for easy control over layout and presentation:



This option provides "System Query Language" access to the underlying database. It can be used to ask questions of the system beyond the reports that are already available. The SQL access is limited to SELECT only, thus no changes to the database can be made in this way.

View Log

The system log records all activity on the system, especially any activity that writes to the database. In this way the use of the system can be tracked and checked and any issues with users can normally be addressed. Each entry in the log is time stamped. See example.

Usage Report

The underlying Web engine is Apache and all activity on the system is recorded and is summarised through the Usage Report which shows level of activity by hour, day and month and also shows where that activity is coming from as well as which pages are being accessed the most.

All Bookings

The all bookings report (also available to Directors) lists all bookings through a selected time period at either a selected location or all locations. The report can be displayed on screen or downloaded in "CSV" format which can be used in programs such as Microsoft Excel. This report is particularly useful to the Administrators as the report is ordered and summarised by user and gives the total fees due to a user. If downloaded to Excel, Macros can be used to format and total the report and make any additional calculations (such as superannuity) ready for making payment to the doctors who worked the shifts. The calculation of fee due takes into account the clock changes in March and October and the effect that this has on either lengthening or shortening overnight shifts.

Invoice Details Download

The Invoice Details Report can be used to download all the payment details in a format which can be used by Microsoft Access or Excel or another program to produce payment advices. Optionally the payments program can be used to process this information and produce payment advices or pro forma invoices and even completed SOLO forms.

Empty Bookings

This report will provide a list of all shifts which remain unbooked through a specific time period. This allows the administrators to concentrate effort on getting these "empty" bookings filled. See example.

Fees Projection

The Fees Projection report will calculate the total fees to be paid for a particular location for given time period. The fees are broken down by shift name and by month.

The report calculates the fees due for each day in the period taking into account the shift pattern which has been assigned to the day and the number of shifts to be allocated to each shift type for that day. Calculation of the total amount due even takes into account the March and October clock changes. See example.

Shift Maitnenance

Shifts are editied using the function "Default Shifts", "Shift Calendar" and "Edit Shifts" and a further option "List Shifts" is also available.

For details on Setting Up Shifts see Editing Shifts.

Other Administrative Options

The administrator is also able to edit other members details and change passwords on behalf of other memebers.


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