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24 June 2021
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Out of Hours Example Reports - System Log

  The system maintains a log of all transactions. This log enables the administrators to track down problems such as users being unable to login to the system.

As the administrator can book and unbook shifts on behalf of other users, the log can also be used as a full audit of who did what when. This is especially useful if there is more than one administrator, or if there are "administrative assistants" who can also book and unbook shifts.

In addition to the log, an interface to the SQL engine is also provided. This allows the administrator to make "SELECT ONLY" queries on the database through a very simple interface. This allows for very selective results from the log or any of the other underlying data files.

LogID Date/Time IP Address User ID User Name Event Details
367 31/10/2004 21:52:43 tony Harris, A Unbooked steveh,herts,Unit Morning,0,2005-01-09
368 31/10/2004 21:52:46 tony Harris, A Unbooked steveh,herts,Mobile Afternoon,1,2005-01-09
369 31/10/2004 21:52:49 tony Harris, A Booked steveh,herts,Mobile Afternoon,1,2005-01-09,13:00,18:00,75.00,wkend
510 31/10/2004 16:05:56 tony Harris, A Login_OK Permissons: A
511 31/10/2004 16:06:24 tony Harris, A Logout  
512 31/10/2004 19:32:32 tony Harris, A Login_OK Permissons: A
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