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24 June 2021
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Out of Hours Example Reports - Edit Shifts

  The "Edit Shifts" page allows the administrator to make changes to the shift patterns. The following values can be changed:
  • The number of doctors/nurses required (how many of these shifts there are).
  • The start time.
  • The end time.
  • The fee rate.

If the options for Night Rates and/or Nurse Practitioner are enabled, then those values can also be edited.

Default Shifts are set to be used from a given date. This tells the system which shift patterns should be used by default for each day of the week as in the following screenshot:

The Shift Calendar is used to override the default shift patterns and specify a particular shift pattern for a particulr date. The system knows the dates of Bank Holidays and highlights them in Red and sets the default Holidays shift pattern. Overriden shift patterns for a particular date are shown in Green. There are default shifts, calendars and shifts for each rota or location:




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