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29 July 2021
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Update April 2009


Loading New Data

  Data can be loaded in two ways, either automatically from the download, or manually from the downloaded file. Once loaded to the OOH Payments Program, the data is stored permanently in it's internal database. If the same month and year are downloaded a second time, the program will warn before overwriting the existing data - overwriting the existing data will also overwrite any changes made to the data on the WIndows System (but will retain changes made on the web site).

If loading data automatically, when downloading the selected months data (using "Payments Detail Download" on the web site), select "Open With" and the system should default to the OOH Payments Program. This will download the data and load it directly to the payments program.

If loading the data manually, the downloaded file should be saved in a known location and the OOH Payments program started (by clicking on the desktop Icon or through the Start/Programs option). Once the program is started, the initail screen will appear:

Select "File/Load New File" and select the previously downloaded and saved file (from the known location) and click "Open".

Once the file has been loaded, the screen will show a list of users who worked shifts in the selected month:

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