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27 September 2021
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Payments System


Payments System Overview



The Payments System is a Windows program which links to the OOH Rota System to allow easy management of payments made to users for shifts worked.

The On-Line system provides methods for adding adjustments to shifts worked when someone arrives late for a shift, or has to extend their working hours because of circumstances. Such information can be added to the Administrative Section of the web site.

At the end of a month, the system is able to download the payment and adjustment details to a Windows based program which is able to produce the following:

  • Payment Advices
  • Pro Forma Invoices
  • Solo Forms
  • Summary Reports
In addition, the system can be used to automatically email the Pro Forma Invoices and the Solo Forms (if required) to each GP. When Solo forms are produced, the system generates the solo form and fills in all the relevant information, so all that is required are the relevant signatures.

The option Payment Details Download provides a simple means of linking the data on the web site to the Windows program. After selecting the Month and Year, the data is drawn into the Windows Program.

Once loaded into the program, the information can be further manipulated to add or remove worked shifts as well as adding add-hoc information. The program allows for two fundementally different modes of operation:

  1. Production of Payment Advices where the OOH operator uses the Payment Advices to produce cheques (or BACS payments) to the users who worked the shifts.
  2. Production of Pro Forma Invoices where the OOH provider provides the Pro Forma invoice to the users who worked the shifts, the users then use the Pro Forma invoice to produce and invoice back to the OOH operator, who then pays the user against the invoice received. In this mode, the Pro Forma invoices are emailed to the individual users who are responsible for printing them on their own headed paper and returning them through the mail for payment.
Once the months data is ready, several options are available:
  • Payment Advices can be printed for every person that worked shifts for the month selected.
  • A Payment Advice can be printed for a single person (this is useful if after producing a full payment advice run for all users, changes have to be made to one or two advices and these need to be re-printed).
  • If the Pro Forma system is used, the Pro Forma invoices can be automatically generated and emailed to each user.
  • If the Pro Forma system is used, a Pro Forma invoice can be generated and emailed to a single user.
  • A summary report can be produced showing all payments due/made for the month.

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