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24 June 2021
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Editing Shift Pattern Enhancements


A new version of the Out of Hours system has been released. The aim of this version is to make it easier to make changes to the shifts for a particular day.

The existing shift pattern management has not been changed, and can be used in exactly the way that it always has been. These changes mean that if shifts need to be changed for a single day, there is now a shortcut mechanism to enable this to be done.

The new facilities can only be used by an full system administrator (Administrative Assistants do not have access to the shift management facilities).

Accessing the New Shift Management System

The new facility is accessed from the rota booking form. When the mouse is hovered over the Day/Date on the left hand side of the screen, a popup will show the current shift pattern being used. The Day/Date is now a "clickable" link.

If the default shift pattern is in use, you will be shown the following screen:

Default Screen

 If a shift another shift pattern has been set for the day using the Shift Calendar, a similar screen is shown:

Default screen 2 

The above options will do the following:

  • Create - This creates a special shift pattern for the date selected. Once created, the existing details for that date are copied to the special one day pattern and you are then taken to the shift editing screen for the created shift pattern, and can make changes to it. Remember, that if you delete any shifts which are already booked on that date, the system will not allow the deletion. Any changes made here will only effect this particular date.
  • Select - This allows you to assign a different standard shift pattern to the date - it duplicates the function of the shift calendar, but is provided here for convenience. If selecting the new shift patteern would hide one or more bookings the system will not make the change and will list the reasons.
  • Delete - If a non default shift pattern is in use for the date in question, this option allows you to revert to the default shift pattern for the date. However,
    If reverting to the default shift pattern would hide one or more existing bookings, the system will not allow the change.
  • Cancel - Clicking Cancel take the user back to the booking screen.

Once a special shift pattern has been assigned to the day, the pattern can not be changed using the old shift editing tools. On the shift calendar the shift is shown in Cyan and is not clickable:

Non Clickable calendar 

From the rota booking screen, clicking on the date will now bring up the following menu:

Specail Menu 

The options on this menu will allow the following:

  1. Change - This allows further changes to be made to the special shift pattern created for this date. Changes made here will only effect this date and no other date.
  2. Select - Using this option will delete the special shift pattern for this date and allow you to choose one of the standard shift patterns for the date from a list of shift patterns available.
  3. Delete - This option will also delete the special shift pattern, but will set the shift pattern for the date to the default shift pattern for that date.
  4. Cancel - Will return the user to the rota booking screen.


The above facilities should be used only to make changes to a single day on a single rota. There is no way of duplicating these changes through multiple days or to copy this shift pattern to other dates. The facility is efficient for single dates, but for identical changes to multiple dates, the existing facility should be used as it is more efficient both for the computer system and for the user.

If the date you wish to access is not shown on the bookings form (as there are no current shifts available for the date required), the missing dates will be shown at the bottom of the screen, allowing access to the special editing facilities:

Missing Dates 

Updating Existing Bookings

A new program facility allows for the updating of bookings already made to reflect changes made to the shifts using either the traditional shift maintenance, or the new facilities described above. The option is "Check Update Bookings" available in the "Shift Maintenance" menu.

Selecting this option provides the following selection screen:

Select Check Range 

Bookings for the selected locations and date range are individually checked against the shift patterns assigned to the days. The start and end time, and the rate of pay are all compared, and if there is a difference, the booking is listed to the screen, showing the booking details and the shift pattern details. The user is offered an option to update the booking:

List of discrepancies 

It must be remembered that it is possible for a booking not to agreen with the shift pattern, even if the shift pattern has not been changed, as if the booking were made by an administrator, the administrator has the option of overriding the details in the shift pattern. That is why it is necessary to check each booking prior to accepting the option to update the booking.



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