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24 June 2021
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Swapping System


We are pleased to announce that the Out of Hours Booking System now has a shift swapping system (which is quite distinct from the sale system).

  • Users can Request a Shift Swap for one or more of their shifts
  • Other users can offer one or more of their shifts to swap with a swap request
  • The "Requester" can reject or accept the swap offer.
The system generates appropriate emails to the "requester" and the "offerer" and logs any transactions to the system log. When a "requester" accepts a swap the system checks both the shifts to ensure the new user in that shift does not break any rules for that shift and the shifts are swapped around.

To enable the swapping system, please email me with your request and we can switch the facility on.

Please contact us if you would like further information about the swapping system.

Brief Description

The swapping system is found on the "Maintenance" menu. Accessing this option gives the following screen:

  Selecting "My Shifts" list all the users future shifts as follows:


  In the above, the user has requested a swap for the first shift. and another user has made an offer. Clicking "List Offers" will then provide the following screen:

  If a number of offers had been made for the shift, they would be listed in the lower part of the screen. Clicking on "Accept Offer" will provide a warning:

  If the user clicks on "YES" then both shifts are checked to see if the swap can "legally" be made.

If the swap is made an email is generated to each of the "swapees" which will look something like:


 The user offering a shift against the request uses the option "List Available Shifts to Swap" and will get a screen like:


 All shifts that have been "Requested" to swap are listed in this screen. If the user wishes to offer a shift against the request, they click on "My Offers":

In the above screen, the user will see the requested shift and the fact that they have offered the last shift as a swap. By clicking on the links "Offer This Shift to Swap" or "Remove This Offer" the user can offer up or cancel the offer for a swap. When this is done, the "Requester" will receive an email as follows:


A user can also list all offers they have made in a single screen. Using the option "Show Shifts Offered" they will get:


Options exist to allow:

  • An email to be generated to the administrators confirming the completion of a swap.
  • Fixed (contracted shifts) can be excluded from the swap system.


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