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24 June 2021
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User Functions


Booking Forms

The booking forms are used to take the user to the shift pattern. The user may navigate forwards or backwards a week at a time, or use the "jump to Week" function to navigate to a given week.

Colour coding is used to signify if a shift has been booked, if it is bookable, if it is in the past or if it is too far into the future to be booked. Once a shift is booked it is coloured Cyan to signify that it can be unbooked. However, after a specified time (normally dependant on how far into the future the shift has been booked, the colour changes to Blue to signify that the shift can no longer be unbooked (however, the administrator can still clear such bookings).

To book a shift, the user simply clicks on the booking. To unbook a booked shift, the user clicks on the booking a second time. A message is shown on screen confirming that the booking (or unbooking) has been made (or an appropriate message is displayed as to why the booking cannot be made) and an email is immediately sent to the user as a further confirmation. The email also contains an attachment whcih can add the appointment directly into the users electronic diary as it is in an industrey standard format.

My Bookings

This lists bookings made by the member between selected dates. The member may optionally not report fees and totals so the report can be used with their own staff to populate surgery diaries etc.

The user can optionaly have the report downloaded in "CSV" format which can be used in programs such as Excel, Access or Lotus 1-2-3.

List Members

List members provides a listing of all members registered on the system together with their email addresses. Also listed are the mainling lists for the Administrators, Directors, Doctors, Nurses and All Members. This it is easy for members to stay in touch with other members. Simply clicking on an email address will open the users own email program (provided it has been properly configured) ready to send a message.

My Details

This option exists to allow members to keep their own details up-to-date.

My Password

Allows members to change their own password on the system. It will of course ask them to enter the new password twice to confirm that it has been properly entered.

When entering password, the password is not visible on the screen.



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