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18 August 2022
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Out of Hours Booking System

  The Out of Hours Booking system has been specifically designed to make it easy for a Doctors Out of Hours Service to operate (demonstration).

Using this system, Doctors go online to book their own shifts. Instead of lengthy phone calls trying to match "open" shifts with a doctors workload, doctors (and nurses) are able to browse open shifts and simply click on a shift they wish to take on. The shift rotas also show the hourly rate available for each shift and this can be easily manipulated by the administrators to improve the take-up of unpopular shifts.

Doctors and Nurses are given secure access to the system using a login and password and are able to view available shifts and book those that suit. They are presented with a calendar showing the available shifts and the rates of pay for those shifts (Nurses cannot see Doctors rates and visa versa). When shifts are booked the doctor/nurse is immediately sent an email giving details of the booking in a format which allows automatic incorporation to a personal diary (such as Outlook). A further email is sent the day before the shift reminding the Doctor/Nurse of the details of the shift (just in case!). Finally, one hour before the shift is due to start, an SMS (Text message) is sent to the Doctors/Nurses phone reminding them once more.

Reports are available to the Doctors/Nurses giving details of all shifts booked and also rates of pay for those shifts. The system maintains mailing lists of users so that the Administrators, Directors, Doctors, Nurses or ALL members can be easily contacted.

A Discussion Forum is also made available to registered members. This allows for open discussion and sharing of information.

Administrators can add their own content to the web system and control the menu entries or link to and from these "dynamic" pages. The updating of these pages is so straight forward, that it is easy to keep information available on the system completely up-to-date. Important information can be made easily available to any doctor members logging onto the system.

A wealth of additional information is available to the administrators such as these additional reports:

  • All Bookings (All locations or by location).
  • Empty Bookings - Shifts not yet booked.
  • Fees Projection - based on current shift patterns.
  • Shift Calendar - Allows allocation of a shift pattern to a given date at a given location.
  • Edit User Details.
  • Authorise User.
  • Bookings on behalf of another user.
  • List Shifts.
  • Edit Shift.
  • Edit Web Page Content.
  • Direct Access to the SQL Database.
  • View Transaction Log.
  • Web Usage Reports.

For a demonstration of the system, please click here. By creating a demo account you will be able to experience the Out of Hours booking system from the perspective of a doctor using the system. Please contact us to arrange administrator rights to see the full power of the system.

See some sample pages.



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