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24 June 2021
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New Release Dated 23rd November 2006



This document describes the major changes to the Out of Hours booking system since the release dated 23rd March 2006. Several new facilities are introduced on the 23rd November and the system now includes a roll-up of changes made since the last major release.

User Capabilities

A new facility exists whereby a user can be assigned a particular capability. This capability can be used to allow that set of users to book a particular type of shift. For instance, a weekend AM shift may be considered inappropriate for an less experienced GP, so the system can be set to only allow GP's with the "Experience" capability to book such a shift.

The user capabilities is also used to assign Nurse Practitioner to Nurses, and Training GP to GP's.

Capabilities need to be set up in the system parameters; if you wish to use this facility, please contact Harris Retail Services to have the facility enabled.


Enhancements to Registrar Bookings

User capabilities can be used to mark a Registrar as a second year registrar. When used in this way, the system can be made to stop two first year registrars booking into a shift at the same time. The system will allow a first year and a second year registrar, or two second year registrars, but not two first year registrars.


SMS Logging

SMS Test messages are now logged to an SMS log, where administrators can review previously sent messages and check the status of sent messages.

Where a message does not show a status of "delivered" this does not necessarily mean that the message was not delivered; it means that we have not been notified of a delivery. However a status of "Failed" does mean that there was a problem with the delivery. In such cases it is worth checking that the correct mobile number has been entered to the users details.


User Calendar for Fixed Booking

The holiday calendar can be used to block the fixed booking system from booking "fixed" shifts when the fixed shifts are released for periods that the "fixed" shift GP has informed you that they are on holiday.

The holidays must still be managed by the administrators, but the system is designed to reduce the amount of "post release" editing that may be required.


Shift Rate

A new facility has been added to the shift editing system, whereby a rate for a shift can be designated as the payment for the whole shift rather than an hourly rate. By ticking the box "Shift Rate", the rate is used as a payment for the whole shift.


Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) Reports

Many reports now have the option of being produced in PDF format - which makes them inherently printer friendly. Administrators can also print out a rota in PDF format (a new link is now available next to the "Printer Friendly" link to produce PDF format).


SQL Saving and Reloading of Reports

SQL has been enhanced to allow the saving and reloading of reports (as well as the ability to produce reports in PDF format). A few reports have also been added to you system such as a contact list.


Monthly Costs Report

The Monthly Costs Report can be used to produce a summary of Fees, Adjustments and Registrar Fees for a past month. The report breaks down the costs by shift and sub-totals by location.

The report splits totals by superannuable fees and non superannuable fees and is provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) or in CSV format for download.


Holiday Report

The Holiday Report is used to produce a list of holidays booked on the system for a particular month or range of months. The listing is ordered by user and lists their holidays in chronological order.

Output it to a PDF report file or to a CSV file download.




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