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28 July 2021
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Update April 2009


Payment System Update - April 2009



Due to changes introduced from the 1st April 2008 a new version of the Out of Hours Payments program has been introduced.

The main changes are as follows:

  • Support for variable GP rates of Superannuation
  • Support for new SOLO forms
  • Improved generation of SOLO form preview screen

The new program will create the new SOLO forms for payments on or after the 1st April 2008. For earlier payments, the system will generate the old SOLO form.


On the machine where the payments system is installed ensure that the payments program is not running and click the download button below. Then run the program you have downloaded. You will be asked for the program location. You must ensure that the update is installed to the same location as the existing program. If you are not sure where the program is currently installed, you should "right-click" on the shortcut you currently use to run the program and select "Properties". The "Target" will show the full path to the exiting program.

Once the installation location has been specified, the new software will be installed and any database updates will be applied.

To check that the program has been updated, run the OOHPayments program and select "Help/About". This will show the version number of the program. The current version of the program is 

If running the program in Northern Ireland, please then run the OOHControl program and set the new employers superannuation rate (was 6%, now 15.7%).

This latest update now incorporates the changes to the Northern Ireland SOLO form.

Version introduces the option to change the outgoing email address when sending a single invoice/solo form from a GPs details. This therefore also allows the sending of the email to yourself, as a check that the email is in the format required etc..

Version allows the saving of all SOLO forms for a given month.



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