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29 July 2021
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Update April 2009


Pro Forma EMail Setup

  The Pro Forma system sends an email to each user who has worked shifts. In order to do this, the system needs to use a smart SMTP server in order to forward the emails (in much the same way that Outlook Express would do, or Outlook if not using an Exchange Server).

The following fields need to be entered:
From Address
The From Address is the email address used to send the messages. This can be the email address of the administrator of your system, or the accountant resposible for handling the payments.
From Name
This should be the name associated with the email address above.
SMTP Server
Either the IP address or the fully qualified DNS name of the SMTP server used to deliver mail should be entered. It is also possible to use the web site address for the OOH system.

If you do use the web site authenticated SMTP MUST be used and in that case Harris Retail will supply the Login and Password to use.

Server Requires Authentication
Many SMTP servers require authentication to stop the server being used to forward SPAM. If the smart SMTP server is located within your network, then it will probably not require authentication.

If authentication is required, tick the check box and enter the login and password.

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