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29 July 2021
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Update April 2009


Network Setup


The payments program sends emails out using a smart host using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and the smart host then delivers the email to the destination clients.

Often, the network on which the Payments Program is being used is made secure with a firewall preventing direct connections to the internet. If this is the case, then there are two options available to send the email:

  1. The smart host can be an email server within the local network (e.g. Microsoft Exchange Server).
  2. If the smart host is outside the local network (e.g. the Out of Hours Bookings Web Server), the firewall needs to be re-configured to allow this access.

The following notes will help in the configuration required in each case.

Using an Internal Smart Host

If an internal smart host is used, it is often necessary to configure the smart host to allow internal SMTP connections and relaying of email from these connections. If this option is used, it may be desirable to use a passord protected sending account, to ensure that other applications are not able access the service. This option is also supported by the OOHPayments program.

In this case, simply use the IP address of the smart host in the OOHPayments Program setup and set the username and password for the correct access.

Using an External Smart Host

If an external smart host is used, then the firewall has to be configured to allow outbound connections direct from the OOHPayments PC on port 25 to the external server. If the external smart host being used is the OOH Web Server and it is not possible to do this on port 25, an alternative port 2525 can be used instead. The external server will almost certainly have a requirement for a login and password in order for it to provide a "relaying" service, so this will need to be set up in OOHPaymentsControl.

Often, to make a firewall change such as the above it is necessary to fix the IP address of the PC running the OOHPayments Program (this is not always true, but does depend on the configuration options within the firewall being used).



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