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29 July 2021
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Update April 2009


Setup program

  The Setup for the OOH Payments program can be found on the Start Menu. Start -> Programs -> OOH Payments System -> OOH Control. The program presents with 4 tabbed pages:

The First page is used to specify Superannuation and Pro Forma details.
If the check box for Superannuation is ticked, then a default superannuation percentage should be entered into the field provided. The default superannuation can be overridden on a per-user basis on the web site using the option "Edit Superannuation".
Pro Forma
If the check box "Enable Pro Forma System" is ticked, then the company name and address that the invoice should be made out to (normally your own company name and address) should be entered into the box provided. A Maximum of 6 lines is permitted in this box.

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