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29 July 2021
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Update April 2009


Working with Data

  The details for a particular user can be viewed (and later edited), by double clicking on their name in the user list:

This will open the details screen for the payments for that user for the selected month:

The "Navigation" buttons at the bottom of the window enable moving between shifts worked. The arrow > indicator to the left of the Shift Date indicates the "Current Record". Clicking the "-" button on the Navigation bar will delete the "Current Record". Clicking the "+" button will add a new record. Double clicking a shift's details will bring up the "Edit Shift Screen":

The details on this screen can be changed as required and will be permanently saved into the programs database. If it is necessary to enter an adjustment, this is done in the same way as it is done on the website, and as well as entering the time and rate, the user should select whether this is an Extra Payment or a Deduction. Any notes entered will be printed on the Payment Advice.

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